The 105th Congress of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery


Special Lecture

Special Lecture 1Aesthetic Surgery in Future
May 16 13:10 - 14:10 - Room A
ChairAkiyoshi Takada
SpeakerAesthetic Surgery in Future
Ko Hosokawa
Special Lecture 2
May 16 15:20 - 16:20 - Room A
ChairKazuki Morigami
Nobuki Sato
Special Lecture 3Medical Approaches for Hair Care : Its Actuality and Potentia
May 17 13:10 - 14:10 - Room A
ChairSotaro Kurata
SpeakerMedical Approaches for Hair Care: Its Actuality and Potential
Akira Takeda


Symposium 1Nasal Apex, Ala of Nose, and Nasal Septum
May 16 9:00 - 10:30 - Room A
ChairYorikatsu Watanabe
SpeakerTreatment algorithm for septorhinoplasty to optimize aesthetic and functional improvement of crooked nose
Yorikatsu Watanabe
Clinical case study of nasal operation (including re-operation cases)
Shinsuke Tanaka

Takaaki Muro
nasal tip plasty +αmethod
Kazuhiko Maeda
Symposium 2Breast Augmentation
May 16 10:35 - 11:45 - Room A
ChairAkiyoshi Takada
SpeakerTen-year experience of hyaluronic acid injection into the breast
Satoru Yamaguchi
Long-term use experience of Breast Augmentation with Aquafilling®
Kohei Ito

Naohiko Sakai
Breast Augmentation Using Fat Grafting
Shinsuke Tanaka
Symposium 3Regenerative Medicine
May 16 14:15 - 15:15 - Room A
ChairMotoharu Hojo
SpeakerRegenerative medicine for the cosmetic may change the healthcare industry
Motoharu Hojo
Cell assisted lipotransfer for breast augmentation and reconstruction
Naoko Tsuji
Consideration if the Effect and Safety of PRPF Treatment as Viewd from Cytokine Function
Hayashi Tomoko
Symposium 4Revision Surgery
May 16 16:25 - 17:45 - Room A
ChairYutaka Yamamoto
SpeakerThe treatment of complications of double-eyelid blepharoplasty .
Yutaka Yamamoto
Consultation for blepharoplasty correction
−Content of consultations at our hospital and corrective treatments provided−

Shigehiro Ikemoto
Alar revision surgery
Norihiro Ohba
Revision surgery for sequelae after foreign body injection
Shunichi Nomoto
Symposium 5Anti-Aging by Equipments
May 16 9:00 - 10:30 - RoomB
ChairNariaki Miyata
SpeakerTreatment of wrinkles/sagging by shock waves and photothermal effect
- theory and practice of Clear Lift™ -

Kozo Arikawa
Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatment by KO CLINIC
Seiko Kou
Lasers and energy devices for the aging skin treatment
Hirokazu Ishikawa
The importance of periodic repeated treatment utilizing equipment in anti-aging
Hiroko Sugino
Symposium 6Palpebral Fissure
May 17 9:00 - 10:20 - Room A
ChairNaohiko Sakai
SpeakerUsefulness of double eyelid surgery with orbital fat resection
Naohiko Sakai
Double eyelid incisional blepharoplasty in our clinic. Use of turnover orbital septal flap.
Tetsuichiro Tanaka
A Simple Method for Lateral Canthoplasy to Prevent Readhesion
Koichi Yoshimi
The usefulness of combining lateral canthoplasty and lower eyelid expansion
Hidetoshi Muramatsu
Double eyelid formation in case of highly-developed epicanthal fold or blepharoptosis
Yoshiyuki Sakano
Symposium 7Filler
May 17 10:30 - 11:40 - Room A
ChairYoshio Ikeda
SpeakerMake up Filler
Yoshio Ikeda
My method of hyaluronic acid injection
Akiko Tanaka
My Concept on Filler Injection ― Based on the latest trend ―
Katsumi Iwaki
The “Five Pillars of Facial Aesthetics” required for a Beautiful Face
- An Oval Shaped Treatment to Maximize Beauty

Akiko Imaizumi
Symposium 8Thread Lift
May 17 14:30 - 16:10 - Room A
ChairYoshiro Suzuki
SpeakerThe Superiority of Silhouette Soft (3D-lift) and PLA Cog Lift (Z-lift)
Akiko Tanaka
The 342 experience of Spring Thread ™
Takahiro Sakai
The clinical use of thread lifts
Takashi Hirai

Yuka Yoshida
Xtosis、Aptos and AptosSpring
Mototsugu Fukaya
Symposium 9Partial Slimming by Equipments
May 17 9:00 - 10:30 - Room B
ChairHirokazu Ishikawa
SpeakerAbout non-invasive body sculpting "LIPOcel"
Kazuhiko Maeda
Clinical experiences for cryolipolysis device Coolsculpting
Mayumi Nomoto
Body Contouring by non-contact type radio frequency device
Natsue Ohara
Non-Invasive Laser Lipolysis
Nariaki Miyata

Domestic Session

Domestic SessionMaxillofacial Surgery / Oral Sugery Session
May 16 14:15 - 15:15 - Room C
ChairHajime Okudera
Speaker1 case of cosmetic surgical procedure which applies the PRP& hyaluonic, etc.
ーDifferent adjuvants of facial form measurement and GBR angle of before and after surgeryー

Hajime Okudera
Effect of changes in mandible positioning on facial appearance
Ryusuke Kikuchi
Regenerating processes of alveolar bone microcirculation after application of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)
Masato Matsuo
AFAS. Asia Forum for Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine 2017
Masashi Suzuki
Domestic Sessionthe Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology Session
May 16 15:30 - 16:30 - Room C
ChairTokuya Omi
Hidekazu Yamada
SpeakerPathomechanism of facial pigmentation
Yoko Funasaka
The important things for laser treatment of benign pigmentation of the face
Hirotaka Akita
Acne treatment in Clinical Dermatology and Esthetic Dermatology
Tokuya Omi

Hidekazu Yamada
Domestic SessionJapan Society of Aesthetic Medicine Memorial Symposium 2017
May 17 9:00 - 11:00 - Room C
ChairJun Matsuyama
SpeakerHappiness Medicine and Aesthetic Internal Medicine:HIstory and Future
Jun Matsuyama
Well-Aging & Hormone Replacement Therapy
Tetsuya Fujimori
Intravenous nutrient therapy as a cutting edge treatment for orthomolecular medicine
Atsuo Yanagisawa
What can Snowmen teach us about use of Dermal Filler?
Robert Peterson

Specified Session

Specified SessionPermanent Make-up Updates
May 17 13:20 - 13:50 - Room C
ChairMototsugu Fukaya
SpeakerMedical Society of Permanent Make-up
Yoshio Ikeda

IMCAS Session

IMCAS Session
May 17 13:10 - 15:10 - Room B
ChairTatsuro Kamakura


SpeakerIntroduction of IMCAS in Paris and Bali
Benjamin Ascher
From Anatomy to Main Fillers Indication
Benjamin Ascher
Anatomy of Facial Danger Zones
Tatsuro Kamakura
What’s hot from IMCAS Academy
Benjamin Ascher


SpeakerComplications of Threads and Lipolytic Injections
Benjamin Ascher
Complications of Filler and Toxin Injections
Shinichi Soyano
Complication case reports from IMCAS Alert in IMCAS Academy
Tatsuro Kamakura, Benjamin Ascher, Shinichi Soyano

KAAS Session

KAAS SessionKAAS Session
May 16 14:15 - 16:45 - RoomB

Session 1

ChairLIM Jong-hak
Tsutomu Mizuno
SpeakerNasal tip-plasty using 3D printed Sweet Ball
KANG Won-kyoung
① Two major reasons you find impossible to correct a crooked nose
②Lengthening and Shortening of nose

JUNG Dong-hak
Consideration factors for facial lifting using absorbable thread(animal tested for collagen production in accordance with thread composition)
JUNG Jae-yun
New concept of thread lifting
LIM Jong-hak

Session 2

Chair JUNG Jae-yun
Tsutomu Mizuno
SpeakerMulti-dimentional method of filler injection in midface
PARK Dae-jeong
Mid-face rejuvenation by hyaluronic acid filler - Tear trough deformity, Indian fold, frontal cheek depression
HAN Sang-hyuk
Labia minor; How to make it look better
SHIN Mi-young

Luncheon Seminar

Luncheon Seminar 1(1) Dermal modulation and skin rejuvenation by DNA injection (Polynucleotide)
(2) My clinical experience of Rejuran
May 16 12:00 - 13:00 - Room A
ChairHyun Jun Park
SpeakerDermal modulation and skin rejuvenation by DNA injection (Polynucleotide)
Hyun Jun Park
My clinical experience of Rejuran”
Hideaki Hamano
SponsorPRSS Japan Co., LTD.
Luncheon Seminar 2Efficacy Based on a One-Year Clinical Experience
May 16 12:00 - 13:00 - RoomB
ChairYoshiyuki Aikawa
SpeakerNon-Invasive Laser Body Sculpting System SculpSure®: Efficacy Based on a One-Year Clinical Experience
Nariaki Miyata
SponsorCynosure KK
Luncheon Seminar 3Medical Treatment using Cryopreserved Fat at -196 °C : Rejuvenation, Scar, Volume Augmentation
....including experience of SRF(Stem Cell Rich Fat)...
May 17 12:00 - 13:00 - Room A
ChairToshihiko Satake
SpeakerMedical Treatment using Cryopreserved Fat at -196℃: Rejuvenation, Scar, Volume Augmentation.…including experience of SRF(Stem Cell Rich Fat)…
Masanori Ohashi
SponsorCellSource Co., Ltd
Luncheon Seminar 4The Advent Of Juvederm Vista®VOLUMA XC, A New Product Which Plays An Key Role In Practicing The Beautiphication™ Method
May 17 12:00 - 13:00 - Room B
ChairTatsuro Kamakura
SpeakerThe Advent Of Juvederm Vista®VOLUMA XC, A New Product Which Plays An Key Role In Practicing The Beautiphication™ Method
Arthur Swift
SponsorAllergan Japan KK

Sponsor Session

Sponsor Session 1Evolution of Cosmetic Dermal Fillers
May 16 10:45 - 11:45 - RoomB
ChairShinichi Soyano
Rho Nark-Kyoung
Humallagen® "Baby Collagen" First Regenerative Dermal Filler
Harrell C.Randall
SponsorWise international
Sponsor Session 2Hair aging in Asian and light therapies for AGA
May 17 10:40 - 11:40 - Room B
ChairAkiyoshi Takada
SpeakerHair aging in Asian and light therapies for AGA
Sotaro Kurata
SponsorAderans Company Limited